All You Need to Know About Online Teaching

Online learning has been here for quite some time, until recently, that it has been magnified and exploded in unprecedented proportion because of the effect of the pandemic. Now that it is the only rational option that schools have, everyone is rushing in to know more, to learn more and to be skilled more in... Continue Reading →

Start Your Online Class Right

Who says that online teaching is easy? If you are a teacher who have grown old teaching in the four corners of the classroom, a borderless classroom is madness! You’d rather quit, right? But quitting is just a spur of the moment thought, because knowing you, a dedicated teacher, you can’t just abandon the greatest... Continue Reading →

Long Vowel Sounds Reading Worksheets

The Read Smart Series are reading worksheets for preschool level up to primary level ( Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3). These consist of four stages, namely: Joyful Riser, Smart Starter, Race Runners and High Flyers. The RSS-Joyful Riser, Level 3C, has 57 pages of worksheets on LONG VOWELS SOUNDS. Each lesson is consists... Continue Reading →

Teach your child reading readiness with these worksheets!

The RSS-Joyful Riser, Level 2, has 58 pages of worksheets on beginning letter sounds. The sequencing of lesson/letters is researched-based and follows the standard phonetics sequencing. AT the end of every four letters is an evaluation called Check-Up Time. These worksheets develop not just reading competencies but also critical reading and high order thinking skills.... Continue Reading →

Hey, you teacher! Are you OK?

If you are feeling confused, afraid and anxious, you are not alone. A lot of teachers are feeling what you are feeling right now. With this pandemic still raging on and affecting every facets of society, most specially the profession where you are most familiar with--teaching, it is normal to feel this way. Many of... Continue Reading →

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