Preparing Your Child for Online Examination

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Our children are in a different ball game right now in their quest for education. The online class is strangely new, what more with the online examination? Our children need us more than ever in this period of their education. How do you make sure that your child is ready for his/her first ever quarterly online assessment or examination?

Here are few tips to at least ensure that he/she will do great come summative examinations like long quizzes and quarterly exams.

  • STABLISH STUDY HABITS. A good study habits is brain-friendly because the brain likes routine tasks and there are brain benefits from creating routines. Provide a specific time and place where your children will do their school tasks. Be consistent with the schedule.
  • DO RANDOM CHECK. Do not wait for the quarterly examinations to check if your children are learning. While they are having their daily online classes ask random evaluative questions taken from the different subjects in their course.
  • DO NOT ANSWER. In helping our children with their home works, assignments and tasks, most of us just give the answer rather than spend few minutes teaching and explaining to your child. Most of us take importance of scores over learning. This habit is unhealthy. This will develop negative character such as laziness, instant gratification, and dependency. Genuine learning happens when children understand a particular concept clearly, is able to explain it themselves and apply it to real-life scenarios.
  • IT’S OK TO MAKE MISTAKES. What I observe about some parents is that they scold their children when they make mistakes instead of patiently correcting them, worst, they demand that they do good in tests. Let’s remember that positive reinforcement is more effective than harsh punishment. And speaking of punishment, we punish bad deeds, not wrong answers on tests.
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  • LEARN TO FOLLOW DIRECTION. Most kids neglect the basic part of test-taking, that is reading direction. Following direction is very important, most especially in online exams because checking and scoring is system generated. If the child did not follow directions properly, his/her answers may not be recognized by the system. And this may result in failed exam.
  • MAKE REVIEW A FUN EXPERIENCE. Reviewing with scolding is not a good match. Learning happens best in a good and positive environment. Learning is best effective when our children are having fun. The science of fun learning tells that learning is most effective when one is having fun doing it. There are many free online games in the internet that develops skills in many subject areas. You can play them together with your child. Or you can incorporate review with playing physical games ( this is advisable for preschoolers ).
  • TIME PRESSURED. Most online exams are timed, even if it is not good for the brain. So, to anticipate this scenario, practice your child taking timed tests. There are plenty of online tests which you and your child can practice with.
  • DEPENDABLE DEVICE. Taking exams is stressful in-itself, what more if the device they are using is not dependable. Remember that a lot of stress is harmful for the brain. Before your child takes exams, make sure that all the devices he/she needs are in good condition. These may be a webcam, mouse, headphones, computer PC/laptop, etc. On top of that, your child needs a reliable internet connection. Imagine if our children have already answered half of their exams questions, when suddenly the internet gets disconnected. They may have to retake the entire test.
  • BELIEVE IN YOUR CHILD. Always put your trust in what your children can do. If they feel that you trust them, they will believe in themselves, and they will strive to do their best. Lastly, remember that scores in tests do not determine the future of our children

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