Oh! The Internet of Things!

In the past decade, technology has risen in an unprecedented realm you’ve only seen in science fiction movies. This revolutionary invasion of technology into our homes and our lives, in general, has been amplified when the pandemic came where the only way people can go on with their lives is through the help of technology.  The use of digital technology in every sector of society rose in an epic proportion in the forms of online selling and shopping, online banking, work from home, online schooling and even online churches opted for online worship.

These digital technologies have shown their powerful intercession in 2020 and will be very much ready to rock your world crazy in the years to come. It is both exciting and scary to anticipate what else can technology do to our lives. So as not to catch us unprepared, I took the liberty to find out for you what else is to look forward to in 2021.

The future of Wi-fi or internet connection will not only be confined with communication or using the internet to transact business, order goods, do banking or attend classes. Predictions point to an internet connection for broader use such as controlling home appliances remotely while you are away from home, for instance, turning on the heater or locking the door remotely. The IoT will be massively used from home furniture to kitchen appliances. In other words, more devices will be connected to the internet.

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The Forbes magazine defines IoT as “basically connecting any device with an on/off switch to the internet.” This includes but not limited to a rice cooker, coffee maker, washing machine, headphones, wearable devices and almost everything you can think of. These are just devices from home, the IoT is also set to invade industries, corporate world and other sectors of society. The Internet of things open a whole new world of opportunities and create a new definition for working efficiently. This may sound exciting but at the hindsight, there’s a chilling feeling of fear of “what ifs”.

Together with all the promises the IoT offer, it can also pose a potential danger, one of which its security issue. What if my appliance gets hacked? Will it endanger my security? Another threat of IoT is privacy and data sharing. How far will it go to protect my privacy? Can I still do what I used to do without worrying that I am being watched? With all these issues being raised, will you still want to be connected with your things? Then, what’s next?


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