Learn and understand your child’s reading competency through this reading diagnostics. Identifying the child’s level of competency in reading will help him/her master the required reading skills for his/her level without so much frustration. Mismatching skill with the child’s level of development is harmful in many ways. That’s why a diagnostic is a must to make the learner get the appropriate learning skill he/she needs for her level.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

The i-Ready Diagnostic is a web-based adaptive screening assessment for reading. Evidence-based, proven valid and reliable, and aligned to state and Common Core standards, i-Ready meets the expected rigor in each of the covered domains—Phonological Awareness, Phonics, High-Frequency Words, Vocabulary, Comprehension of Informational Text, and Comprehension of Literature—providing actionable data and reports for each domain. The i-Ready’s sophisticated adaptive algorithm automatically selects from thousands of technology-enhanced and multiple-choice items to get to the core of each student’s strengths and challenges, regardless of the grade level at which he or she is performing. 


Once the i-Ready diagnostic has identified the skill need of your child, he/she is now ready for further reading exercises . It is where Bridging will come in. The Bridging program is composed of reading lessons necessary to fill the missing gap in his/her reading competencies. These bridge exercises are presented through topics of high interests that will make your child enjoy reading while developing essential skills. On the other hand, if in case your child has been diagnosed to possess an advanced reading skills compared with his/her age, the bridge program will further improve your child’s skills by bringing in more advance reading exercises and challenges that will make your child wanting for more activities.

DO NOT DELAY! Reading is a very important skill that needs to be developed specially in the crucial age of 6 to 12 years old. Enroll Now! Classes are divided into sets. Each set will run for 2 weeks. The fee for each set is P2000.00.


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