Einstein Summer Adventure Courses

  • Singapore Sightseeing: Singapore Math Basics for Beginners for preschoolers

The children will have a virtual field trip to Singapore. They will get a virtual passport, ride a plane to Singapore and explore the city.  They will have this adventure while learning about numbers and solve problems.

  • Step into Dream Land: Mastering the Alphabet for preschoolers

The children will be taken into an enchanted land where they are given challenges to overcome while learning and mastering the alphabet. They will be asked to choose what enchanted character they want to portray during the adventure.

  • Outsmarting the Virus: Singapore Math for Primary and Intermediate students

The children will learn about the cause of the pandemic and how it spreads. They will act as front-liners whose task is to eliminate the disease. All these while learning about basic operations and problem-solving.

  • Gabi ng mga Zombies: Pagbasa, Pag-unawa at Panlinang ng Talasalitaan (for elementary)

The Children will fight in the post-apocalypse battle. They will find ways on how to defeat the zombies and other underworld creatures and look for allies in other lands. They will embark on this adventure while honing their skills in Filipino.

  • I’ve Got a Crush on You: Reading Focus

This class covers 2 levels: Higher Reading for Higher Grades and Reading Comprehension Strategies for Primary Kids. The scenario in this class tackles the different languages of love. In this world where hate is more patronized, children should learn to be more loving and caring. They will learn this while developing reading skills.

  • Magic Doors: Put On Your Dancing Shoes and Shine On the Dance Floor

Yes, if there’s a will, there’s a way! Kids can learn basic dance steps and the following genre: Urban, Hip-hop, Basic ballroom, and Advance ballroom dancing. This is a great way to make children get off the couch, turn off their Ipads and sweat away.


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