Einstein Summer Adventure Courses

Singapore Sightseeing: Singapore Math Basics for Beginners for preschoolers The children will have a virtual field trip to Singapore. They will get a virtual passport, ride a plane to Singapore and explore the city.  They will have this adventure while learning about numbers and solve problems. Step into Dream Land: Mastering the Alphabet for preschoolers... Continue Reading →


Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com “First years last forever.” Language is acquired as early as in the mother’s womb. The topic of language learning brought me back to the memories of when I was conceiving my first daughter. Being excited to be a first-time mom, I did everything for my baby. I immersed myself in... Continue Reading →

Oh! The Internet of Things!

In the past decade, technology has risen in an unprecedented realm you’ve only seen in science fiction movies. This revolutionary invasion of technology into our homes and our lives, in general, has been amplified when the pandemic came where the only way people can go on with their lives is through the help of technology.... Continue Reading →

Start Your Online Class Right

Who says that online teaching is easy? If you are a teacher who have grown old teaching in the four corners of the classroom, a borderless classroom is madness! You’d rather quit, right? But quitting is just a spur of the moment thought, because knowing you, a dedicated teacher, you can’t just abandon the greatest... Continue Reading →

Hey, you teacher! Are you OK?

If you are feeling confused, afraid and anxious, you are not alone. A lot of teachers are feeling what you are feeling right now. With this pandemic still raging on and affecting every facets of society, most specially the profession where you are most familiar with--teaching, it is normal to feel this way. Many of... Continue Reading →

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